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Thursday, December 30, 2010

montgomery boycott

1961 segregation
whites in the back blacks in the front. still separated!
They wanted to say that they weren't more important than the blacks but ended up saying "we aint gonna ride as equals either" which was the point of the ride.

Segregation still happens now in 2010/2011.

The first row of fashion week, VIP area, Premium membership, Expedited Shipping, Iphone unlimited internet plan.

Can we all be general admission?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!!!!

A different type of brown bag
"A brown bag that doesn't make you or anybody else uncomfortable. "

Queen city "comic" bookstore
Main Street, Buffalo N.Y.

May, 1st, 2010

So yesterday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and Main st.'s Queen city bookstore dressed in their best spandex and took out all their masks to show people of all ages that comics are back IN. Most of the people that stop by probably never read a comic book before and probably thought the people that actually read them were nerds.

I was there for the free stuff like everybody else, but the difference between them and myself is... I like the written word, especially the one thats accompany with great artwork. Im more of a manga girl myself and im not into all that super hero stuff, but with the right story I'll read anything.

and of course there's always someone dressed for the occasion when nobody else gets the memo:

anyways, if you missed it, don't forget that it will be done every 1st saturday of the month of may.

I know I will be participating next year in PR, but if you still in Buffalo,NY please visit our local comic bookstore that has been in business for the past 40 years but don't wait until next year go now and pick one of the current new stories if is your first time ask the friendly staff about what they like or choose one or two of the $1.00 selections for starters.

- niky

Friday, January 22, 2010

Globo de Nieve


Un copo de nieve,


Uno con otro y el uno solo.

Un mundo perfecto en el cual ninguna apertura existe.

Intocable como tu corazón,

Suave y frío.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Taking my time to think about your mistakes.

I think you are broken inside,

as broken as one can be.

Far away in a different land,

where dreams may never come true.

You are broken without the hope to be repaired,


Lies upon the lives that carry you there,

into that insanity of drained thoughts,

the light will never come to you,

they left you forever.

No one can find you,

But who's looking for you anyways?

Thursday, December 24, 2009


... and people start to pull out pictures of life ... when it was better, but why can't it be better now?

Is this the point of how we have to live by... the code?

remembering when we had it good but that time is never the present. I don't understand why we always talk about good times but those are never here? They are either in the past or in a near future but we are never happy now. Today I am happy. Scares me to say it because you know "el diablo es puerco" but I am. Not as happy as I want to be but Im as happy as I can be and that's good. People say you have to understand yourself so you are happy to show other people but I just don't want to show other people. I just want to show what I show and the people that take the chance to see that will see more eventually because at the end Im honest. I dont want to say Im the best but I try to better myself everyday so in a way... I am.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

should I do a blog for my Photography or a website?

websites I can never get but maybe a blog people can follow better and I can update faster? I really dont know what to do,discuss!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bar Crawl Buffalo,NY 2009

The next Buffalo Bar Crawl
is set for Friday, October 23rd!

The wait is over! The 4th Biannual Buffalo Bar Crawl is on Friday, October 23rd, 2009!

18 Bars Participating!

Just ten bucks will arm you with a souvenir beer stein (yours to keep!) plus a wristband which grants you FREE cover at 18 of downtown Buffalo's hottest bars!

Complete the Crawl?
Get an official t-shirt, FREE!

Each participant will receive a 'scorecard' with a map of all the bars on it. Upon entry to each bar, the scorecard is stamped by the doorman. Get every bar on your scorecard stamped and receive a FREE Buffalo Bar Crawl t-shirt!

$2 to $3 drink specials EXCLUSIVE to bar crawlers!

Each bar will be offering 3 drink specials... one beer, one shot, and one mixed drink. EVERY special will be between $2 and $3. Check out all the bars and their specials on our Participating Bars & Specials page.


Call 716-462-4385 with any questions or comments!

Sex and the city and Fashion PT.1

The show Sex and the city made showing bra's under your dress ok. I always had a dilemma finding the right bra color or finding those sticker nipple covers for me to have the perfect look with the dress. It's like "your bra is showing" or "you have a black bra with a pink dress" anyways - it was so crazy my quest to look for that bra or for that sticker that I used "duct tape" to cover myself and now after all those years of adventure as I am watching the Sex and the city Movie I realized that we were allowed to show our bra's.

So here it is to the bra showing girls in sex and the city!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

countdown to breakfast

Countdown to breakfast

Only 10 days more and a list will define the fate of my mornings. And I like a stupid person am looking forward to it. The first time that this happened I didn't even think about it because I know I didn't have to, It was the right thing to do. The second time we made a decision [bad decision] and we kind of are paying for it , still.

I really want a singer at night, every night even if is a different one when its raining. The Honk of a horn. The smell of the playa.The sadness of the people.The worry of a family. The yell of the animal that tries to sing in the morning.People asking me for money. Me asking people for money. Independent companies for a fiesta. The miedo of a hurricane coming. The sabor of mi tierra. Rio piedras, el Yunque. La escuela.

I know im asking too much but im asking. Nicely, with please and thank you's. I will throw some " I own you" if you let me. Go out barefoot or chancletas, no worry.
This countdown is for a family not malamanocerias. Count with me for ten days to see what happens ...

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Friday, September 4, 2009

niky reviews...

Sabado,29 de agosto de 2009
Lajas, Puerto Rico

La Parguera- El pasado sabado 29 de agosto de 2009 estuvimos viajando del area metropolitana hacia el pueblo de lajas pero tomamos la ruta semi-escenica (2). En realidad queriamos cojer la ruta mas rapida pero nos perdimos la salida despues de Plaza Las americas y pues terminamos disfrutamos mas por el camino que si hubieramos cojido la Autopista.

* Cuando nos dimos cuenta que ibamos mal ya estabamos en Isabela.

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Pasando por la carretera #2 encontramos el tributo de LA CARA DEL INDIO Monumento a el Cacíque Mabodomaca Sculpted by: Isaac Laboy Moctezuma con la direccion exacta de: RT. #2, km105 & RT. #113 Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662. Al cruzar el puente que une a Isabela con Quebradilla encontrarás la escultura del cacique Mabodamaca, demarcando la ruta que te lleva a la bella ciudad de Isabela por la carretera 113, Avenida Noel Estrada.

En las inmediaciones del río Guajataca ocurrió la Rebelión Taína del 1511, donde el cacique Mabodamaca enfrentó con valentía al español Diego de Salazar.

Los gritos de guerra de la danza ceremonial se escucharon por toda la serranía, Mabodamaca caminó por la orilla del río hasta la playa recitando su última plegaria a los dioses.

Cerca de seiscientos taínos dirigidos por Mabodamaca enfrentaron a la milicia española; ni el disparo de arcabuz que le hicieran al cacique lo detuvo para estimular con sus gritos a sus naborias.

Cayó de rodilla, se arrastró hasta unos arbustos y recitó nuevamente su plegaria a Lucuo, dios protector de Borikén.

Hoy, su rostro queda esculpido en piedra para que se conozca su gesta heroíca a favor de su pueblo.

De ésta manera hacemos realidad su plegaria de que su rostro esté cerca de su pueblo.